Can I Make Money With Fiverr

Can I Make Money With Fiverr

Can I make Money with FiverrFiverr is a site that is all about the gig economy. Many people offer their services through the site, with gigs starting from as little as $5. There are many who start out wondering with the question “can I make money with Fiverr?”

Here’s a look at all you need to know about the site.


Name: Fiverr – Hand vetted. High end. On Demand
Price: FREE to join
Overall Rank: 9/10

Fiverr – An Overview

Fiverr was created in 2010 and has changed considerably over the years. At first it was only possible to offer a gig for $5, but now it’s possible to create a gig for up to $500. This alone makes it possible for people to make money on the site. In fact, there are people making a living just on Fiverr alone.

The company doesn’t buy your content, but offers a marketplace for buying and selling. You can host your gigs, and Fiverr will help with promotion and mediation if there is an issue. It’s a less risky environment than going out alone.

However, you will need to offer something people want, while standing out from the rest. There are now hundreds of thousands of people offering their skills. Give people a reason to buy your gigs if you want to make money.

Like any site, there are pros and cons of selling on Fiverr. When you’re wondering “can I make money on Fiverr?” you need to consider the following:


  • A lower risk way to sell
  • Easy to set up gigs
  • People can just click to buy, cutting out some promotional needs
  • Can set up packages to boost earnings


  • Low cost gigs, so you need to sell more
  • Fiverr takes a 20% cut of all earnings
  • Buyers don’t read all gig descriptions

In short, you can certainly make money on Fiverr. As you increase your rating, you will find it easier. Find a service that you can stand out with to get your first buyers and build from there.

Who is Fiverr for?

Fiverr is for freelancers. Fiverr has a huge range of categories and freelancers are selling many different types of gigs, from logo design, article writing, e-books, SEO, personalised photos and videos, product endorsements, twitter followers, tweeting services, marketing – you name it, you’ll probably find a seller or a category on Fiverr!

Fiverr is also great for potential buyers of those services to connect with and purchase from Fiverr at a reasonable price. Because gigs start at only $5, it’s a great way to test the waters, without a huge amount of outlay, to see if a seller’s services are going to be right for you.

Fiverr Tools, Training & Support

Comprehensive help section, as well as training tools, podcasts, and a community forum. There is also a facility to contact support through a submit form.

Fiverr Pricing

It is free to become a seller of ‘gigs’ on Fiverr. It also free to apply and become one of their Fiverr Pro members, which includes a lot of extra functionality and ‘kudos’ for those serious about building their business through the platform.

All gigs sold aree subject to a processing fee, $1 on purchases up to and including $20 and 5% on purchases above $20. This is how Fiverr make their money from the platform

My Final Opinion of Fiverr

I eally like Fiverr, and have both bought and sold services on this platform.

A huge plus is the ability for sellers to add extras to their gigs, meaning that sellers can make more than the standard $5 per job, and buyers can get a more complete service at the time of purchase.

The range of services on Fiverr is extensive and it is a credible market place for buyers and sellers alike.

Fiverr also have an affiliate program, where affiliates can earn a commission for referring new customers to the site.

If you are interested in the micro-job market, then Fiverr is worth looking at.


Name: Fiverr – Hand vetted. High end. On Demand
Price: FREE to join
Overall Rank: 9/10


10 Responses&nbspso far.

  1. Ben says:

    Hi, I’ve used Fiverr in the past. I must say that as a seller, it is hard to break through the competition, especially in a super competitive niche such as writing articles. You need to really optimize your profile and get those first purchases and positive five star reviews. You can ask people you know to buy from you in the beginning to help you out and then leave good reviews. As a buyer, I also love Fiverr.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ben, agreed. Getting those first few sales can be difficult. However, I recommend that you also have your own website which you use to drive traffic to your gigs on Fiverr… as well as social media etc. Fiverr now have Fiverr Pro, which seems to be a good option for those wanting to have more of a presence on the platform and make a serious go of it. All the best, cheers, Karen

  2. Ilias says:

    Hi Karen, I have created a writing Fiverr gig before and I had made a few sales. With this experience, I learned that is possible to make some extra money on this platform.

    A good description and a good image can make the work. Also, some people ask a sample. It is a good idea to have a link to send them to see your work.

    I stopped because I wanted to focus on my website. This was the only reason.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ilias, thanks for sharing. Yes, I too have sold via Fiverr in the past, but have refocused my efforts on my affiliate marketing business. I do use Fiverr as a buyer these days, probably because I understand how their system works and I trust the process. It’s nice to work via an intermediary like Fiverr, when purchasing services from people online, as it offers a bit more protection both ways. All the best with your website, cheers, Karen

  3. Victor says:

    Hi Karen,

    I have worked with Fiverr over several years. They are great if you want to write content, or have a quick video done as well as many other things that they do. For me, I recommend it to my clients that are trying to write content for their pages. It’s inexpensive, and the turnaround time is ridiculously fast. Well worth for anybody to use them on either the seller or buyer side.

    • admin says:

      Hi Victor, thanks so much for your feedback – that’s really good to know. Especially about the fast turnaround time. Cheers, Karen

  4. Hi Karen, fab post. Thanks. I’m a buyer and seller on Fiverr and I agree with your overall rank. For me, it’s been a great way to generate some income while I’m still in the early stages of building my blog. Although Fiverr takes 20% commission and takes a couple of weeks to clear funds, I enjoy peace of mind knowing that my money is secure. I am a bit nervous of working directly with clients at this point or on a freelance site that doesn’t guarantee payment so I see Fiverr is my “safe place”. 🙂

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Lauren, thanks for your feedback – I totally agree with you. Especially when you are potentially dealing with clients from all around the world – Fiverr makes it a much safer transaction! Cheers, Karen

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