How to create an online tutorial and get paid to do it

How to create an online tutorial and get paid to do it

Create an Online Tutorial and get paid

I’ve been using the Wealthy Affiliate platform for some time now – mainly for hosting of various websites. But there’s so much more you can do there. Today I want to share with you: How to create an online tutorial and get paid to do it.

Share your knowledge

Everyone has knowledge to share

We live in a collaborative world where information sharing is second nature to us all. We all have something to share and creating an online tutorial for your own website, or within a like-minded online community, is a great way of positioning yourself as an authority within your niche.

People share their knowledge and experiences in a huge range of niches; including travel, sports, hobbies, arts, crafts, IT, computing, writing, websites and much more.

Sharing via YouTube, blog posts, websites, not to mention the huge sharing power of social media such as twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, mean that tutorials you create have the potential to reach a global audience.

If you have a blog, personal or business website, then it’s likely that at some point, you may want to create a HOW TO guide or tutorial at some stage, whether that is to solve a problem for your website visitors, or to educate them about a product or service you provide.



Long courses are out. Short and sharp training is in.

Encyclopedias are out and Mr Google is in. These days you don’t see masses of people rushing to find out answers in their local library. The answer is now only a key strokes away.

How many times have you been in a social social situation where someone has asked a question, and everyone has reached for their mobile to be the first to find the answer? Too many times to count?

We are the era of humans who have been bought up with technology, we expect to find the answer quickly, regardless of the question and how obscure it might be!

In fact, here are some of the most common website searches of recent times…

  • How do I find out my IP address?
  • Why does my computer keep freezing?
  • What would happen if the earth stopped spinning?
  • What is a boyfriend and where can I download one?
  • Why I should never put it in writing
  • How do I know if I am blacklisted on Facebook?
  • Why does my cat attack me?

As you can see, people are searching for solutions to small and specific problems, in that moment..

Tutorials are a fantastic way of capitalizing on these keyword search phrases, to provide the answers your readers are looking for.

You don’t need to create an epic novel when building a tutorial. Keep your subject matter very focused and to the point. People tend to digest information better when it’s broken down into small, practical chunks.


tutorial software

Tutorial Creation Tools

A quick search of google for Free Tutorial Creation Software will yield a phenomenal number of results, for both free and paid tools and apps.

The beauty of using tutorial creation tools is that often they will come with templates to help you set out your training quickly and efficiently.. They will also include a mechanism for you to publish your tutorial and share the information with your peers, readers and the world.

Cloud based subscription style solutions are also gaining in popularity because of the low entry cost and convenience of working with a platform that is mobile and can be accessed from anywhere. This is particularly useful for businesses who need to create training and tutorials for staff based in various locations. Examples of this include Lessonly and Madcap Software.

The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) membership site offers an amazing array training, resources and tools for its members. As part of the premium membership, we can create an unlimited number of tutorials absolutely free. In fact, we are encouraged to share our expertise within the other members on the site as they have a real culture of paying it forward. The fantastic thing about this, is that you can search for the answer for just about anything to do with affiliate marketing, website creation and design, social media tools, how to do this or that… and you can quickly access a current and relevant resource to help find the solution to whatever problem you are trying to solve.



Making money from creation of Tutorials

There are various ways to make money from the creation of tutorials.

If you are an expert in your niche or profession, you may be among the sought after few who is contracted directly or even employed to write tutorials and training material. I have been employed in a number of roles in the past where we have needed to develop and deliver training to our staff. Some organizations have built in ‘process mapping’ software which is a good way to document standard operating procedures and use these to train staff; but in other cases, I have reached for tutorial creation tools like Lessonly to meet this need.

If tutorial creation is not part of your employment or a contract, there are still ways you can monetize tutorials that you make.
Some examples of these include:

  • Monetize your tutorial with Adsense; Create a tutorial to solve a problem which is highly searched on the internet and monetize your tutorial page through placement of Adsense adverts on your tutorials page
  • Create a course on a platform like LearnDash then sell access to your course. This works well if you are well-established in your niche and you have an existing mailing list where you can market your training and tutorials
  • Turn your tutorial into an e-book and sell it on Amazon
  • Build and promote tutorials for membership sites: Create a tutorial for a membership based site like Wealthy Affiliate, where you can earn credits and extra revenue for developing training and solutions that their members want.


Test driving the Tutorial Creation tools at Wealthy Affiliate

Recently I created a short tutorial on Wealthy Affiliate to solve a common problem that I, and other members, encounter:


“Do your banners ads look like you’ve just PLONKED them on your page?

You don’t have to be a programmer to get the result you want!”


The WA platform is really quick and easy to use, and enabled me to create a short tutorial in just half an hour which I have been able to share quickly and easily. Feel free to check out the tutorial I created here.

The more popular my tutorial is, the more I will earn from WA for creating this training. It’s a great way for members to share their knowledge and earn a few extra dollars here and there in the process.

Tutorials can also be an excellent way to increase your emailing list or generate leads. For example; All the content at WA is indexed and searchable by google. That means that anyone online could be searching for the solution and find my tutorial.



  1. Tutorials need to be short and to the point. People are looking for quick and simple answers to their specific problems
  2. Focus on subject matter you are familiar with and pay it forward by sharing your knowledge with others in your online community, website or blog
  3. Do your homework about what tutorial creation software is right for you, your blog or business. This will come down to your intended audience
  4. Tutorials are a great way for writers in any niche to generate additional income online!

Find out more

If you found this article interesting, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got a question – get in touch using the comments section below, or contact me at Wealthy Affiliate via my profile here.

24 Responses&nbspso far.

  1. Phil says:

    I wonder how people are solving that problem of what happens when the Earth stops spinning that they’re Googling for?

    I’ve been thinking for some time about creating an online tutorial, but have been sort of sloughing it off. Thanks for the great information. It’s helpful and motivates me to get going on it.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Phil, yes, that’s a worrying thought. I think we’re all just going to fall off the planet! You’d be absolutely amazed at what people search for! The list that I’ve included in this post was positively tame compared to some of the stuff that hits the most popular search lists! Best of luck in creating your tutorial – glad to hear that it’s provided you with some motivation. Cheers, Karen

  2. Craig says:

    What are your thoughts on software that can record your screen for quick and concise tutorials? These things seem like they are all over YouTube these days, but it seems like it would be hard to monetize them if you need 1000 subscribers to even start monetizing your YouTube channel. If you were getting started would you consider this path at all?

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Craig, yes there’s some fantastic software and apps out there that do screen capture for the creation of videos and tutorials. I would definitely recommend doing your homework on this topic before settling on which one to use. YouTube is another great way to share and monetize your tutorials, but again, it takes time to grow your subscriber and follower base – and as you mention, there’s a minimum number of views required before you can monetize your video. That’s why I prefer to create my tutorials in Wealthy Affiliate, there’s already an established audience who are looking for the information I am providing. Hope this helps, Cheers, Karen

  3. Jo says:

    great article,
    I do quite a bit of writing for various blogs and I never bother with templates. I can see how this would speed up the process though.

    As for tutorials, you have given me an idea 🙂

    Again, great article, thanks

  4. Rick says:

    This is a great resource and I am saving it to my favorites for future, but soon, use.

    This is something I really want to learn and you have provided a lot for me to think about and start planning for. Thank you.

  5. jlclayton1 says:

    I am just learning how to create banners for my Wealthy Affiliate sites and absolutely loved your training! I am encouraged to write a tutorial to add to my sites, thank you very much!

    • Karen says:

      Hi there, I’m so glad you found my tutorial over at wealthy affiliate useful 🙂 It’s a great platform, so please bookmark this page as I’ll definitely be creating some more step-by-step guides on their soon, All the best, Cheers, Karen

  6. Nikola says:

    Great article and articulated really well. I like the term of culture that you referred to as working in a collaboration you need that environment of having people that are on the same plane as you are.I tagged the information on the banners and will definitely be using that resource. You’ve done a great job…congratulations. You are saved in my browser.

  7. Rox says:

    I never thought about how I can monetize online tutorials, much less that there are so many ways to do it I love the suggestion of ebooks as you have people who learn through reading better as well so there is definitely a market for it! Thank you for this great post!

  8. Lem says:

    I have never considered creating a tutorial until I read your article & checked out your tutorial – both of which are very informative.

    “What is a boyfriend and where can I download one?” – lol – makes me wonder….

    Thanks to your article, I will be looking into LearnDash & possible Lessonly or Madcap once I get my business up & running. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Best Regards.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Lem, that would be a hilarious tutorial! I bet it would get a good number of hits too… 🙂 Maybe you could create this as your first one? All the best for your online adventures. Cheers, Karen

  9. Kwacha says:

    Hi- you are right many people today use internet to search for whatever’s they want to know
    However, people need to know that on the internet everyone can put everything right or wrong
    I have seen students getting wrong answers and say I got from the internet, am not saying internet is bad no it is the most resourceful area for information but we need to also bear in mind that depending on what we are looking for getting information from good sources is vital
    Having been a member of WA I agree with you that it is an excellent place to know skills on many online techniques of making money through online training or anything else

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kwacha, you are so true – we can’t believe everything that we read on the ‘information highway!’ It’s so easy to get diverted down a wrong way street!! I should include a disclaimer along the lines of proceed with caution. All the very best, cheers, Karen

  10. Juan says:

    Great article.I created a tutorial on beach volleyball. In terms of monetization, I am still struggling. Does Adsense work for you?

  11. Bill Wymarra says:

    Hi Karen,great article.Well laid out especially the conclusion summary.Concise and to the point.Well done.

  12. Christina says:

    Seems like a great idea to go with a place like Wealthy Affiliate to start posting your tutorials since they already seem to be highly ranked in the google search I did.
    I know when trying to develop anything on the web it can take a little while to start getting your own traffic driven by search immediately.
    Is everything you post on Wealthy affiliate indexed by Google immediately or does it take time?
    This gave me some great ideas on how I change my blogging ideas.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Christina, thanks for your question. I find that my posts on Wealthy Affiliate are normally indexed between 2-4 hours, which is pretty quick. Creating Tutorials can be a good source of content for bloggers, All the best, Cheers, Karen

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