Is Aspire Digital Business System A Scam?

Is Aspire Digital Business System A Scam?

I recently stumbled across a beautiful travel blog created by a lady called Sarah; which was quite an inspiration for anyone who wants to work online full time as a writer. Being curious, I opted in to receive her e-book about top travel destinations. The next thing I knew I was receiving a barrage of daily emails encouraging me to join Digital Altitude. So is Aspire Digital Business System a Scam or legit?

Read my review below and decide for yourself.

Aspire Digital Business System Review

Name: Aspire Digital Business System
Price: $37 – $127 per month, plus a further $57,585 to purchase the into levels 2-6
Owners: Michael Force

Aspire Digital Business System

The Aspire Digital Business System seeks to ‘create an educational incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers and dreamers.’ Their website is extremely professional and will appeal to prospective online entrepreneurs who would like to access all the tools, resources and training they could ever want to turn their passion into profits.

However, if you take a peak behind the slick marketing and reveal the true business model – Aspire’s foundations are built on a high ticket online multi level marketing (MLM) system. In fact there are six levels to the program – Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak and Apex. The starting level – Aspire starts at $37 up to $127 per month; then to gain access to each subsequent level, you’ll soon be parting with more cash.

Multi-level marketing, also known as pyramid selling, has long been a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products or services, where revenue from the sales is derived and distributed by a pyramid shaped commission system. The success of any MLM scheme relies on the recruitment of more participants into the system, where the consumer ends up becoming a salesperson for the product/service and adding to the down line of distributors/sales people within the pyramid.

Studies by independent consumer watchdog agencies show that around 99% of all MLM participants end up losing money.

The Pros Include:

  • A ‘wealth’ of video training, from start-up, brand, promotion, automation through to digital mastery
  • ‘private client for life coaches’ who will help you achieve your goals * (check out my cons list also)
  • Access to sales funnels designed to automate the selling process
  • Training on how to follow-up, automate and leverage your efforts for larger profits
  • High commission on products between 40-60%
  • “Done for you” branding and social media solutions
  • Back end administration including payroll and merchant services
  • Sales assistance – help to convert your leads into sales
  • Community network, live chat, forums etc
  • Live events and coaching


  • Your ‘private client for life coach’ is also an extremely well-trained salesperson who goal is to up sell YOU into the next level of scheme *
  • Cost of participation is high and each level is a significant investment on the previous level
  • Over hyped sales projections grade
  • If you don’t progress to the higher levels, you won’t make commissions from selling them or recruiting others to join them. Those profits will pass directly into the hands of your ‘sponsors.’ This is important; if you find anyone with deep enough pockets to spend $27k to purchase the APEX level – and you’re still on first BASE – you will earn $0

When I discovered a Facebook page dedicated to supporting people who have lost money to Digital Altitude or Aspire Systems, that definitely raised a few red flags.

Who is Aspire Digital Business System For?

That’s easy. People with a lot of money to spend, who can afford to make a risky investment with no guarantee of a return.

Sorry guys, but that’s not me! I’m not saying that you can’t make money using this system, but there’s much more cost effective ways to get started and achieve success online.

Aspire Digital Business System Tools & Training

  1. Video Training
  2. Online training modules
  3. 1-1 Coaching from your ‘private client for life coach’
  4. Membership forum and online community
  5. Face to face networking events and coaching

Aspire Digital Business System Price

$37 – $127 per month, plus a further $57,585 to purchase the into levels 2-6.

  1. Aspire Digital Business Sales System; Flagship product to get you started
    • Walker: $37 per month
    • Hiker: $67 per month
    • Climber: $127 per month
  2. Base – Digital Mastery Course: $597 One-Time payment
    • Setup business goals, build your brand, website & how to manage your finances the right way
  3. Rise – Digital Mastery Course: $1997 One-Time payment
    • All you need to know about the digital marketing world in step by step video modules
  4. Ascend – Digital Business Profit Workshop: $9997 One-Time payment
    • 3 day workshop event in Las Vegas, led by Michael Force and featuring successful business leaders from all over the world
  5. Peak – Business Prosper Retreat: $16997 One-Time payment
    • 5 day all-inclusive retreat for two to learn from business leaders, guest speakers and Michael Force
  6. Apex – Digital Business Legacy Experience: $27997 One-Time payment
    • 7 day all-inclusive retreat for two where you will learn about asset management and receive training from expert investors

My Final Opinion of Aspire Digital Business System

I’ve got to hand it to the founders and marketeers of Aspire Digital Business System; they have done a very slick job with their website, the online videos and the sales funnels. It’s all neatly bundled together and wrapped with a bow of professionalism.

Levels 4, 5 & 6 include workshops and retreats, which create the sense of value for money as well as exclusivity for members who have ‘achieved’ the higher tiers of success in the system.


UPDATE! In February 2018 the Federal Trade Commission obtained a court order halting this ‘business coaching scheme’ and have described the Aspire Digital marketing system as nothing more than a ‘new easy money con using the same old tricks’

It’s nothing more than a money grabbing scam!

This system is nothing more than a thinly disguised MLM scheme; and not something you should put your hard-earned cash into.

When I reviewed Aspire Digital Business System, I discovered an alternative online training program and community that I signed up for and have had good success with. If you want a world-class affiliate marketing training system AND a solid platform to launch your online business from, then I strongly recommend you check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

A comparison below:

The comparison chart below compares features and benefits of Aspire Digital Business System and my number #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate:



Name: Aspire Digital Business System


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  1. Cinderella says:

    This is a very nice and well documented review, I loved reading it and I saw that even the visuals were very related to the Content, which is amazing. Keep up the good work and wishing more success.

    • admin says:

      Hi Cindy thanks for your comment and feedback – this one was a real eye opener… one blog post hardly does the topic justice! Cheers, Karen

  2. Anika says:

    Wow! $57000? That is a lot of money to spend on multi-level marketing. Thanks for your review – it is very helpful in trying to figure out which business are legitimate and which ones are not. Keep up the great work.

    • admin says:

      Hi Anika, yes, I know crazy right? It took a bit of digging around to find out the true cost as well, because this is not clearly advertised when you visit their site. I’m not saying this is not a legitimate business, but there’s not enough substance in their offering to convince me to spend that kind of money! Thanks for leaving a comment, cheers, Karen

  3. John says:

    Very interesting and informative post, thank you for sharing.

    • KD Forsman says:

      You are most welcome. Please remember to bookmark this page for future reference as I will be regularly updating the Online Marketers Toolbox. Kind regards, Karen

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