Making YouTube How To Videos For Beginners with Lumen5

Making YouTube How To Videos For Beginners with Lumen5

I’m having my first tentative foray into making videos for my blog and I’ve found the most amazing tool. It’s Lumen5 by I joined a couple of weeks ago and as part of joining, they offered me a free trial with Lumen5 and it’s amazing!

Making YouTube How To Videos for beginners with Lumen5 is super easy and I had my very first video up and on YouTube within half an hour. If you are looking for a free YouTube Video Maker that’s intuitive to use, I strongly suggest you check out this product.

Scroll the the bottom of the page to view the video I created!


4 Quick Facts About Videos:

  1. You will get a 10x higher reach on Facebook with video (source: Socialbakers)
  2. Videos receive 6x more Twitter Retweets than photos (source: Twitter)
  3. Over 74% of all internet traffic is now from video content (source: Syndacast)
  4. Users are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video (source: SmallBuzTrends)

So what is Lumen5 and how can it work for your business or blog? Read the lowdown here…


Lumen5 Review:

A Free YouTube Video Maker

Name: Lumen5
Website: (you can also sign up for here)
Price: Free plan available and premium options starting from $49 per month
Owners: Owned and operated by Sniply Projects Inc., a Canadian Corporation
Overall Rank: 9/10



Lumen5 Product Overview

Lumen5 has positioned itself as an easy to use ‘text to video’ creation tool. It enables you to convert website articles and blog posts to video content through a clever process where you enter the link to your article or blog post and Lumen5 will automatically fetch the content and populate your storyboard. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated workflow which all happens behind the scenes, you can create a polished looking video ready to publish and share in minutes.

The team at Lumen5 have a goal of offering the world’s simplest video making experience, and their approach is to have the workflow assisted by AI. This is all built around the concept that the video creator will simply enter a link to a blog post or news article and Lumen5 will automatically turn the content into an engaging video.


  • Sign up is free and there’s no credit card required
  • Easily converts blog posts & documents to video content to make YouTube How To Videos and Tutorials
  • Video creation assisted by AI to dynamically determine things like text positioning, scene length and keyword highlighting
  • Searchable library with millions of free media files, including still images, clip art, short video clips and music library
  • You can customize your videos to match your own branding, including addition of logos, watermarks, font choices and colors
  • Video formats available in different resolutions 480p, 720p, 1080p as well as 1:1 square formatting which is suitable for platforms like Instagram.
  • Enhance messaging with a letterbox format is also available
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time, but all videos you create can be downloaded and are yours to keep. This is great if you wish to make a tutorial and need the extra features, as you can sign up for the business plan for a month, then cancel the plan when you are finished.
  • Great tool for beginners


  • Music library is a little limited under the free plan, as is the resolution, which is restricted to 480p
  • You cannot upload your own audio or music under the free or pro plans, however this is available on the business plan ($99 per month)
  • Video rendering typically takes 5 minutes but sometimes this is slower if there’s a high number of users on the site at the same time
  • Limited amount of text per ‘slide’ – however I think this is probably a positive for beginners who may tend to overcrowd the video with too much text
  • No Affiliate Program (for those who may wish to promote the product online)

Who Is Lumen5 For?

Lumen5 is designed for businesses and marketers to produce video content at scale through automation.

The Lumen5 Free Plan is also perfect for video beginners who want to create professional looking videos for their blog or website. It’s also great for social media marketers and brand ambassadors who want a quick and easy tool to build short video clips for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the web.

There is also Pro and Business plans available which allow for multiple collaborators, multiple brand sets and production of higher quality video.


Lumen5 Tools & Training

There’s a full suite of resources and training available at Lumen5 including: success stories and case studies, a product blog and regular updates, support part, YouTube Tutorials and a press kit. Additionally, they have a community group, Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin Page and GooglePlus.

The website and resources are easy to navigate and locate from the home page.


Lumen5 Support

Lumen5 have a full help desk function powered by ZenDesk.

This is located at the bottom right of the screen and when clicked you can search the training library or raise a support ticket if you are unable to locate the answer to your question.


Lumen5 Pricing



My Final Opinion of Lumen5

I am a complete newbie to video production and I was able to create and publish my very first video in minutes with Lumen5. Video marketing is an important tool for online marketing and with Lumen5 you can make a professional video that is easily shareable on a range of platforms.

Video content, done well, helps build your online brand, create trust in your readers and helps deliver key messages to your intended audience. Plus, it can be a lot of fun and highly creative – not to mention slightly addictive when dreaming up new ideas!

This is a product I’ll definitely be using in the months ahead to grow and expand my online business.

Below is a video I have made on Lumen5 by copying the link to this post into the Lumen5 software and letting the AI do its magic.



Name: Lumen5
Website: (you can also sign up for here)
Price: Free plan available and premium options starting from $49 per month
Owners: Owned and operated by Sniply Projects Inc., a Canadian Corporation
Overall Rank: 9/10


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16 Responses&nbspso far.

  1. Hi Karen.
    I like your site, the video you made is very good, I hope to be able to do the same soon! Good, not luck, but the continuation of your site development!

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Claude, thanks for dropping by and for checking out my review on Lumen5. I think it’s a great tool for beginners who want to add make interesting short videos to promote their content. Best wishes, Karen

  2. Shell says:

    Karen Thanx for this clear, easy to digest, straight forward review of Lumen5. It sounds almost scary and like it’s out of the future when you’re taking about the AI, but isn’t it incredible what new technology can do? When it comes time for me to get into creating videos, now I know there’s an easy to use option. Are there any limitations to the free membership? For example, is there a limit to how many videos you can make before you have to upgrade? Also, is there a time limit on how long they can be? Thanx again for sharing this information

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Shell, thanks for your feedback and questions. Yes there are some limitations on the free plan. For example the video quality is set at the lower level of 480p, you cannot upload your own video / voice-over media and there is a restriction on the length of the video. However, on the plus side, you can create as many videos as you like and you can download these and keep them forever. It’s a pretty fantastic tool, I plan to master the basics and then upgrade to the business plan to create more customised and branded content. All the best with your video making. Cheers, Karen

  3. Karen, your first video is a superb one created with Lumen5. It’s so beautiful and captivating, and most of all, it gets your message across very well. From the beginning to the end my eyes and ears were glued to the screen. Cheers, Karen.

  4. Tom says:

    That is amazing for your first. I would love my 50th to be half as good. It is shared on my twitter and Facebook now.

  5. Brian says:

    Hi Karen, I’m so glad that you introduced me to Lumen5. I have never done a YouTube video before so this is going to be a real treat for me. I’m sorry that there isn’t the option available to create one’s own audio as there are a few tutorial videos that I would like to piece together. But, this is a great introduction to those in the cradle like myself.

    All the best,


    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Brian, the premium (paid) versions of Lumen5 do have the option to add audio and customize further. I plan to create all my videos and then upgrade for a month or two to complete the voiceovers, then I’ll revert back to the free plan when done. Either way, it’s a fantastic tool for creating stylish video quickly. Best wishes, Karen

  6. Kathleen says:

    Hi Karen,
    I certainly do not know much about doing video but you make this look so easy, or should I say Luman5 makes it easy! I’ve been looking at how to upload some videos onto youtube, this is perfect timing for me, thanks for sharing such informative information.

  7. simon says:

    Hi, I’m always looking for quicker, better ways to make you tube videos, seems lumen-5 does the job nicely, I may well give it a go on the free plan for starters, One thing I found about adding you tube videos to your blog is that, At the end of the video you-tube shows related video’s which can entice people to click away from your site by clicking on one of the related videos shown at the end of your video, I know a way around this to stop them related videos showing which in turn will stop visitors navigating away from your blog post/page,

    Firstly you would need to upload your video to you tube,
    Use the embed code on youtube to add your video to your website,
    Lastly you will paste the embed code into your editor and add the code I leave below below, add the code line below straight after the youtube URL but before the first ” (quote-mark)

    Use this code, ?rel=0&showinfo=0+amp;controls=0

    Thanks for the article, It Helps me a lot, I hope my info will help you in return:)

  8. John says:

    I just wish that Lumen5 offered more in their free version. Not being able to add your own sound tract and only recording in 480p will hurt some traffic.
    I like the idea of making a video off of your post in minutes, this will help in traffic no matter how the video looks. Like the idea of saving some time in making a video, in the past I have spent hours making a three minute video, it did get 8,000 views in a year. The video did not have anything to do with my website though.
    I think this is worth the try for the free version.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi John, you make some really good points there. I am planning to get all of my videos scoped out and drafted, then upgrade to the premium version so that I can do voiceovers, download in high quality etc, and then I’ll revert back to the free version once done. The videos you create in Lumen5 are yours to keep forever, so this is a good option as it means you can pay for one month, get all your production done, but don’t have to pay an ongoing fee to keep your video hosted. I’ll be uploading my videos onto YouTube and my own website, which is free hosting. Cheers, Karen

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