Online Income For Retirees Who Can’t Stop Working

Online Income For Retirees Who Can’t Stop Working

Recently a close family member retired, achieving what was a huge milestone, after a busy and successful career.

But retirement doesn’t need to signal the end of a steady income stream. There’s a wealth of options from passive investments in bricks and mortar, using existing skills, or even learning a completely new skill to find ways online to make extra income during retirement.

If you’re in the category of retirees who can’t stop working, then read on.

So, just what are the best income opportunities for retirees online?

Here’s a few worth considering:

Share your knowledge

  • Write that novel or memoir you’ve always talked about
  • Write and sell ‘how to’ eBooks on Amazon
  • Create a blog or website and monetize through google ad words, or a revenue earning model
  • Become a freelance Tutor
  • Affiliate marketer online

Develop a passion into an income stream

  • Good with your hands? Create and sell your products online
  • Photography? Sell your photos through stock photo sites
  • Speak another language? How about offering translation services for businesses going global!
  • Like Shopping? Buy and sell on eBay, TradeMe and other auction sites
  • Are you a little arty? Perhaps you could turn your hand at Graphic Design
  • Health and Well being? Maybe you could become a personal trainer or life coach to help others

Business / Coaching

  • Event Planner or Manage a Project
  • Mentor a new business or young entrepreneur
  • Virtual Assistant or Customer Service from home
  • Offer Specialized Consulting Services
  • Secretarial, Bookkeeping Services, Resume writing

Actually, the possibilities in retirement are endless.

Retirement gives the retiree a chance to take stock and reset. Creating an online income for retirees is a way to learn a new set of skills. It’s also a chance to connect with a whole new group of virtual friends.

Getting Started Online

If you want to make extra income during retirement online, but don’t know where to start, I recommend some foundation training to get you on the right track. I’ve researched a number of supposed make money online training, and in my opinion, there’s one that is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Certification Course. Read my full review here.

Not only is the training amazing, they also have an incredible online community, which gives members a chance to bounce ideas off each other and get feedback. No matter who you are, or where you live, retirement doesn’t have to be a lonely place, especially if you are part of a vibrant, inclusive online community like Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t take my word for it though. Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to join, so check them out for yourself.

Find out more

If you found this article interesting, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got a question – get in touch using the comments section below, or contact me at Wealthy Affiliate via my profile here.

16 Responses&nbspso far.

  1. Lisa Prince says:

    I love to write and let my personality shine through in my blogging about my passion for my niche. Your site is near and dear to my heart. You earned a well deserved follow:)

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your wonderful feedback. It’s interesting, as although I’m not at retirement age yet, I have retired from corporate life and am now in a phase of re-inventing myself through my writing. It’s been a fantastic journey of self discovery and through the online community that I’m involved in, I’m meeting some wonderful like minded people and lifelong friends. All the best, Karen

  2. Diane Sabino says:

    What a great bunch of information! I had been looking around for how to make money online and didn’t find a lot of good, interesting ways to do it. There were a lot of sites saying you could make money taking surveys but that wasn’t a good option and it pays basically nothing! Thank you for your great article!

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Diane, Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Yes I have tried the whole make money from surveys and it’s a crock of 5h1t! Fortunately I realised this pretty quickly before I was sucked too far down that vortex! The other thing with surveys is that you end up sharing an awful lot of personal information with goodness knows who. Scary. If you are in the process of looking for a solid online opportunity, then you should definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate, not only does it offer a great platform for training, they have amazing tools and resources to get your own business up and running like free websites, domain and email hosting and a hugely supportive online community – which I have found invaluable as I’ve built my business. All the very best of luck with your online journey. Best wishes, Karen

  3. Luna says:

    You have a helpful website. You have given so many tips on how retired persons can continue to make money. I have seen several ideas that I can use. I think I am going to start with the book I have been promising to write.
    I have bookmarked this page and will revisit it again.
    Thanks for the post

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Luna, All the very best with the book writing! If you ever need any info about publishing your final masterpiece on Amazon, please get in touch… I’d be happy to help in any way. Cheers, Karen

  4. Brandon says:

    What a great idea! I know many retirees who can’t stop working, so this is a viable option for them. My aunt and uncle are two of them. I’m sure writing an ebook for Amazon or a novel will keep them busy throughout the day. Thanks for the good ideas, I can’t wait to share this page with them.

  5. Vince says:

    This is something I often think about Karen and great post.

    We really live in abundant times where we can use our passion to create an income stream. I love the idea of sharing knowledge which most retirees would have plenty of.

    I also think about when is it time to retire? I mean, if you do what you love, will you ever stop?

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Vince, Probably not, actually! Hopefully I’ll continue doing what I love well and truly into retirement 🙂 Best wishes and thanks for your feedback. cheers, Karen

  6. Danielle says:

    OMG this is so something I will be sharing with my father-in-law. He retired from being a mechanic as it was to physical for him due to worsening arthritis but instead of calming down the work side he decided to start up a gardening service in his local area. He’s having more physical problems now than he was as a mechanic!!!
    We keep telling him to calm down but he say ‘I need the money and I get lost if I don’t have anything to do’
    You have given me an answer back to that as he can do some many less physical things and still earn money!

  7. alona says:

    I’m not retired yet but this is still very helpful for me. So, I found another website to bookmark! 🙂

  8. Marion says:

    There’s a lot of interesting ideas here for people who are not really ready to retire. It makes sense to turn your experience and expertise into a profitable venture. Writing an ebook is something that many of us could do. I must get around to finishing mine…

    I’m so busy since I retired I wonder how I ever found the time to go to work.

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