Self publishing a book with a proven template by Dixie Carlton

Self publishing a book with a proven template by Dixie Carlton

I’m super excited to introduce award winning Publishing Specialist of Author-ity Authors and fellow author, Dixie Carlton. Dixie has had an extremely successful career in the marketing and book business and, with more than a decade of experience, she has produced in excess of 60 books and has worked with more than 70 authors around the globe. During that time, Dixie created one of the first independent collaborative publishing companies in Australasia.

These days Dixie’s passion is to nurture authors and subject matter experts to write, publish, and use their books to leverage their marketing and authority positions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In additional to one on one consultancy and personal coaching, Dixie is currently launching an online training program: “Write Your Book in 90 Days.” This is a fantastic program for anyone who wants to work through a DIY self paced training course using Dixie’s proven system for writing non-fiction.

This article is part of a series of case studies, where I showcase successful online entrepreneurs in a variety of niches and their inspirational business success stories online. So without further ado, let’s hear from Dixie Carlton.

Website: Author-ity Authors 

Q. Tell us a bit about you and your website Author-ity Authors

I help people to plan, write, develop (their content), and then publish and market high quality non-fiction books. Most of my clients are professional trainers, coaches, speakers, and their books are often their flagship marketing products to help position their expertise to their markets.

Q. How did you first get into this niche?

I wrote a few books, won an author’s award, and then started helping other people with their books.

Q. What has been your biggest success in this niche?

Writing top selling books and selling foreign rights deals for some authors, Authors achieving outstanding TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper coverage for their books, and in many cases, helping my authors to number one rankings on Amazon.

One of my clients also won two major international marketing awards based on using his books for his main marketing push.

This business, along with my writing and speaking engagements, is now my main source of income.

Q. What has been the most challenging part of your journey so far?

The changing face of publishing- from traditional publishers, to a thriving Independent publishing industry, it’s interesting to note that this is an industry – much like the film and music industry – that is going to massive change – mostly as a result of Amazon.

Q. Name three essential tools of your trade and explain why.

  1. Amazon – as a publishing platform for worldwide sales and profile building
  2. Social Media for marketing and business awareness, and that includes good websites – so a LOT of tools used there.
  3. The professional speaking industry – I classify that as a tool of the trade in as much as the non-fiction authors today all need to be good quality professional speakers to really get the most out of their books.

Q. What do you think are emerging trends in your niche/field in 2018?

Increasing use of Independent publishing houses, a crossover of the old methods and the new as provided by all the many options now available starting with Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc.

Q. What advice can you give someone starting out as a writer?

Write often, write WELL, tell good stories (and that includes in your non-fiction books) and publish QUALITY. There is a crowded market of average out there – the good stuff is what is working the best for most people.

Q. What’s something we wouldn’t learn about you from your website?

As a child I used to be a bit shy and a little geeky.

I’m also a very spiritual person; I read palms and Egyptian throwing stones.

Q. You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

Ride it to work… no seriously I’d see how long it really does take to eat it… okay, no really seriously this time; I’d see how I could re-home it to a zoo!

Interested to learn more?

I hope you enjoyed this post about the world of publishing and Author-ity Authors.

To learn more about Dixie Carlton and her new online training program, please visit Author-ity Authors.

Your feedback and comments are always welcome, so feel free to drop me a note in the comments section below, or visit me over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for reading, Cheers, Karen

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  1. Chris Capo says:

    Well let’s say this you inspired me to share this with my daughter who the family has been saying for years she should write a book.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Chris, thanks so much for your feedback. Writing a book can be extremely satisfying, and a great achievement, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. Creating a blog or a writing a journal can be a great place to start as well. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a cent, as you can build a website free with this free website builder Best wishes, Karen

  2. Zahub says:

    I’ve never heard of Dixie Carlton before but from the looks of it, she’s well versed and clearly knows what she’s doing since she was able to make a career out of being an author. I’m surprised people still read books nowadays in the technology infested society.

    Can you suggest 3 books by Dixie Carlton for me to get a start on? I’m intrigued and would like to get a start on some of her work. I might just pick up “Advertising, Branding, Marketing 101” but would like some recommendations from you too KD!

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi, and thanks for dropping by. I recommend her book ‘from idea to authority’ it’s a great book for any business professional wanting to establish themselves as a credible brand and it’s a very interesting read. If you like fiction, I have also read ‘A song out of time’ which was a fascinating look at life through the eyes of a young woman in the 1930’s who wants more from life than marriage and a brood of children. Both are excellent reads. Best wishes, Cheers, Karen

  3. Rick says:

    Karen, thanks for another great interview.

    I have a question for you though. I love to write but I know my spelling, grammar and sentence structure leave a lot to be desired. What do you think is the best way to improve as a writer? Are there on-line courses, books, etc. I know I could take some classes at a community college but I was just wondering what you might recommend.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Rick, if you are looking at an online option to improve your writing take a look at Grammarly. This is a great tool. Also, whenever I write blog posts, I put them through ‘siteContent’ at Wealthy Affiliate as this is a good double check for spelling, grammar and duplicated content. Cheers, Karen

  4. Barry says:

    Great interview KD! I have been thinking about writing my own books for a while but really have much direction or even a starting point. Authority Authors just might be what I need to get things rolling!

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Barry, thanks for dropping by. Dixie is amazing to work with and her online course is a reflection of the high standards she holds herself and her clients to. When I wrote my fiction novel a few years ago, Dixie helped me take my disorganised collection of ideas to a great plot with multiple storylines that gave plenty of twists and turns at the end. There’s nothing more satisfying that having a reader say “Wow I didn’t see that coming” when they’ve read your book. The fact that Dixie works both with fiction and non fiction just adds to the flavor she can help writers inject into their subject matter. Being able to help people absorb information and concepts through story telling is key to a great book. I thoroughly recommend this course. Best wishes, Karen

  5. Interesting post! It seems every blogger has put out an Ebook or has the intention of doing so. As a newbie blogger, this may be the direction I may also take.
    Thanks for planting a seed in my brain 🙂

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi there, thanks for dropping by and checking out this post about Dixie’s new training program. I’m currently working through the material to put out my own ebook it’s going to be a non fiction one so a different direction for me, but it’s great to have the guidance and support of someone whose been there before me and has a proven template for success. All the best, cheers, Karen

  6. Tammy says:

    What a great interview. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but didn’t know how to go about it or where to get started. I will be checking out her books and online course. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Tammy, thanks for checking out this article – I’ve read some of your blogs and they are fantastic, I’d love to see you package these into an ebook! I’ve got a chihuahua and a little fox terrier, and they are definitely my fur babies and take up all of my free time… if you could write a book about how to stop my dog stealing my socks, that would be fantastic! All the best, cheers, Karen

  7. HI all, love the comments above – just wanted to let you all know that the course will be officially launching THIS WEEK… and I’m very excited about that. I also just want to say that Karen You have done an extraordinary job of pulling all this together and I’m in Awe of you, this website, and your vision. I’ll also be running a couple of FREE days for one of my novels this week ahead of lauching a new novella that is part of a series – so will let you all know about that too. Thanks for all your kind comments – and if I can assist anyone in any way to get that book out your head and into the hands of your readers, please reach out. Happy to help. 🙂 Dixie

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Dixie, thanks so much for dropping by! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to be interviewed for this case study. To include you as a case study in this series was a no brainer… I absolutely love this training course and I know that my readers will to if they sign up for your course. Best wishes, and all the very best for the official launch. Cheers, Karen

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