Generate Income

Generate Income

Legit Affiliate Marketing ProgramsAffiliate marketing is a great way for website owners, bloggers and writers to make money online. Rather than developing their own products, affiliate marketers can simply place links on their blog/website(s) for the products and services of other businesses. It’s completely possible for small time personal bloggers to the more serious writers to make make money from placing affiliate marketing links on blog or website.

Through affiliate partnerships, you can promote products, services, solutions relevant to your niche that your readers want. Not sure where to start?

Below I have compiled a list of affiliate marketing options to suit a range of freelance writers. Please bookmark this page as I will be adding to this list as my online research on this topic continues.

Learn As You Earn – For FREE!

Even with the most legit affiliate marketing programs, building a healthy online stream will take time – which is why I urge you to check out this amazing FREE affiliate training course which will walk you through the basics of creating a successful online business that will create revenue.

I highly recommend you check out this course – which I have completed myself – it has literally saved me hundreds of hours as I have become established in my niche. Having a clear road map setting out the logical steps from deciding a niche, building my site, creating traffic and earning revenue has been critical to my online success. And a lot better than fumbling around in the dark!

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Writers

Other Online Writing Opportunities

Monetize your Website

  • Google Adsense
  • Product Reviews
  • Sell Advertising space on your website
  • Travel / Sports / Food Blogging

Further reading: Check out this great training article which includes a guide and timeline for how long it will take to start earning money online. Keep it real people!

6 Responses&nbspso far.

  1. Matthew Owen says:

    This is the end article I have seen of yours so i had to read it, you really do know what your talking about and I am starting to think I should try this out for myself.
    Can you point me in the right direction to actually start affiliate marketing please?

  2. Luis Acevedo says:

    Hi your page it’s very interesting. It´s attract a lot of people because who doesn’t want to make money online?. So you are on a good way. This is a good content information to help people to achieve his goals using marketing as a tool to do money online!

    • admin says:

      Hi Luis, thanks for your feedback, yes it’s certainly a good option for people who are prepared to put the time and effort into it. All the best, cheers, Karen

  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Karen,

    Cool, so there are actually quite a few other great platforms for writers to do what they love! I wasn’t aware of some of the ones you’ve listed – what an eye-opener! I have only started using Fiverr recently and my feedback is generally positive. So, good call! Thanks for the post!

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharon, thanks very much for your feedback – yes I’ve also used fiverr in the past with reasonable success. I think the real opportunity on fiver is video creation and editing which is an area that I haven’t delved in yet… Maybe that needs to be the next thing on my bucket list! All the best, Cheers, Karen

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