Wealthy Affiliate and viva Las Vegas Conference

Wealthy Affiliate and viva Las Vegas Conference

Wealthy Affiliate and viva Las Vegas Conference

Imagine earning a FREE all inclusive trip to Las Vegas and a chance to rub shoulders with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the business. Sounds good?

The Wealthy Affiliate and viva Las Vegas conference is an annual event to reward and incentivize the WA members who sign up the most premium members to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

This year if an affiliate achieves 300 Premium Referrals in 2018, they will earn an invitation to hang out with founders Kyle & Carson, and others super affiliates on this all-paid private conference in Las Vegas.


So what happens in viva Las Vegas?

Check out this short YouTube clip about the Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas by WA member Alex Sol. The thing that struck me with this video is that the super affiliates who attended look just like you and me. They’re not strutting their stuff in flashy clothes and lots of bling, they are everyday folks and you probably wouldn’t look twice if you passed them in the street.

To be quite honest, I’ve never had a desire to go to Las Vegas, but I’d love to attend this conference, if only for the opportunity to network with these super affiliates and soak up as much new knowledge as I can.

Hey you never know, if I drag my hubby along, perhaps we could renew our vows in a Las Vegas Elvis themed chapel?

The conference in Las Vegas is where these super affiliates hash out ideas and talk about projects that they are working on. They also share ideas and get feedback from their peers about what’s a good idea and what’s not.

Carson and Kyle also do private 1-1 meetings with each attendee – and I’m sure that the information and knowledge they share is gold!



What’s in store at the Wealthy Affiliate Conference in 2019?

In addition to the challenge of 300 referrals to quality, Kyle and Carson have stepped things up a notch by offering a massive bonus to anyone who can achieve 3000 sales over the next 12 months. Check out this post at WA to find out more – the prize is AWESOME!

There has never been a better time to start your own affiliate marketing business, there’s a huge audience out there and buying products and services online is no longer a scary thing – in fact buying products online is now commonplace for the vast majority of individuals and households.


What’s included?

For those who put in the hard work and achieve the 300 Wealthy Affiliate referrals, here’s a snippet of what is included:

  • Opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with other Superstar Affiliates.
  • Preview of plans for Wealthy Affiliate in 2019
  • Extra cash$ to use however you like
  • Luxury accommodation, delicious catered food every day of conference
  • Entertainment included – gambling, shows, dinners, etc.
  • Loads of free stuff including the latest ‘latest high end WA swag’
  • More knowledge to continue to grow your online affiliate business



See you in Las Vegas!

If you join Wealthy Affiliate and can make 300 unique Premium referrals between Jan 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2018 you will earn a space at the next Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Viva Las Vegas.

Join today and start building your very own sustainable and profitable online business.

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6 Responses&nbspso far.

  1. Andrew Bromley says:

    The chance to visit las Vegas would be a dream come true. At wealthy affiliate that chance is there but you have to earn it. i am hoping that one day i will be there myself but i have a lot more work to do. Maybe in 2019.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Andrew, It’s an interesting one. I want to earn the right to go to the Vegas conference, but it’s never been at the top of my bucket list. But hey, perhaps it’s a chance to renew my wedding vows Elvis Presley style – that would be kind of cool. Oh and to learn from the best in the business of course! Thanks for your feedback and maybe I’ll see you there in 2019. Cheers, Karen

  2. Kourtney says:

    It really is a good incentive to push on and get them referrals by doing everything you possibly can! Good stuff!

  3. Alexis says:

    I Love it. This isn’t great info. I never knew there was an awesome trip like that in store. Thanks for the info.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Alexis, Yes there is a trip if you put the work in and promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. However, many of the people who use Wealthy Affiliate are working with other affiliate products, so not everyone is aiming for this goal. It just depends what niche you’re working in. Best wishes, Karen

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