What is Sniply about and will it increase my website traffic?​

What is Sniply about and will it increase my website traffic?​

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been researching tools to increase website traffic and conversions. I stumbled across this nifty little app called Sniply. I signed up for a free trial to check for myself and answer the question ‘What is Sniply about and does it have the potential to increase my website traffic?’

Sniply Review

Name: Sniply
Website: https://snip.ly/
Price: Free Plan available. Premium plans available from $29 per month
WritingForCash Star Rating 4/5

what is sniply and it is any good

Sniply Product Overview

Sniply is a clever piece of software which enables you to add a call-to-action (CTA) to every single link you share on the internet. The purpose of this is to drive content conversions through content curation and social sharing.

Content curation is when you gather and display information (normally blog posts or web pages) which are relevant to your particular area of interest. Sniply enables you to add a CTA to content that you curate and share.

A Sniply Example Below

what is sniply about and how does it work

Shared a website about ‘strange website designs’ and have added a Sniply to link to a CALL TO ACTION for the viewer to build their own free website.

Creating a Sniply

  1. Find an interesting piece of content that you want to share (eg: a post you want to share on Twitter or Facebook) and copy the URL
  2. Login to your Sniply Account (add affiliate link here)
  3. From the Dashboard – click on the link ‘Create a Snip’
  4. Paste the URL into Sniply
  5. Create your Call To Action & paste your destination link into Sniply
  6. SNIP. (this saves your Snip and will give you a Link to share on Social Media or as you wish)

Refer Screen shot below…

Create a Sniply

The Button Snip has been used in the example above, however, there are a few different Sniply types which can be used for different purposes:

  • Button Snip: An eye-catching button that visitors can click on to visit your page
  • Form Snip: An email capture form for visitors to sign up for your newsletter
  • Text Snip: A message with hyperlinked text that visitors can click on to your page
  • Image Snip: A custom banner image that visitors can click on to visit your page
  • Hidden Snip: Visually hide the Sniply bar while still making use of other functionality


  • Free and Premium options available which enables you to try before you buy. The free plan is limited to the Button & Text Snips
  • Gives you an opportunity to create strong call to action content for social media sharing
  • Sniply integrates with social scheduling apps like Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter and Buffer. This makes it easy to add Snips to content shared on social media. There are approx 30 different integration options available for Sniply which will streamline its use by serious marketers. Form Snips can be integrated with MailChimp or Aweber
  • The Sniply app is easy and intuitive to use
  • Sniply helps you position yourself as an authority in your niche


  • Sniply can be highly addictive!
  • It takes time to find and curate good content, so make sure that this is scheduled in as part of your overall marketing strategy and doesn’t detract from core tasks like creating your own content.


Who is Sniply For?

Sniply is perfect for anyone who wants to build a personal brand or market a product or service via the internet. The great thing about Sniply is that there are options to suit all budgets and marketing strategies.

Sniply can be used in so many ways, it’s really all up to your imagination on where and how you can extract value from this product. As an affiliate marketer, I see huge value in creating strong call to actions on content I share with my followers via Twitter, GooglePlus, Linkedin and Facebook. These are all platforms where social sharing is encouraged, so finding cool and interesting content to add Sniply to will be key to a successful campaign.

Sniply Tools & Training

Sniply has a well-organised help Center which covers a huge range of topics and training. It includes help desk search functionality and the tutorials are a mix of written, screen shot and video instruction.

If you are unable to locate the support you need online you can also submit a support ticket via the Zendesk. No response times are shown, but the site says that “a member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.”

Email and online support is available for all plans. If you are on the top plan (Agency), you also have access to set up support and telephone support.

Sniply Price

In addition to the FREE version, the following options are offered:


My Final Opinion of Sniply

On the face of it, I think Sniply has huge potential for my business. I need to take some time to sit down and really plan out my strategy for this tool, as the whole area of content curation has the potential to suck up a lot of my time. However, once I have set up my CTAs and Sniply is integrated with my social scheduling app of choice (HootSuite), I can see that creating Snips will be a big part of my business and really help grow my traffic via sharing curated content.

At this stage, I am going to stick with the free plan, as this allows for up to 1000 Sniply clicks per month. Once I have had a chance to plan out my content I will upgrade to the basic plan and take advantage of the additional features such as the Form Snip to collect email addresses from my readers.

I have been super impressed with what I’ve seen of Sniply so far, and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about growing their website traffic and wanting to leverage off the growing trend of content curation for social sharing.

what is sniply and it is any good


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8 Responses&nbspso far.

  1. Rick says:

    I have never heard of Sniply before. I am going to head over there now and see what it’s all about.

    Thank you for the recommendation.

    I was half expecting your conclusion to be that it was a scam. It’s nice to know that not everything is a scam.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Rick, nope not a scam at all. This one is legit and I’ve found it extremely effective with Hootsuite and my twitter campaigns. Thanks for reading, Cheers, Karen

  2. Steve says:

    I have been in the market for a CTA app, and Sniply sounds like a very user friendly tool that I may have to integrate into my future posts. I think you are right, finding great content to curate will be the biggest challenge. I love that your “Con” is “highly addictive”, I can see that.

    I will have to try this for free and see how I like it. I love free trials! That makes me believe in the company that much more.

    The only problem for me, is I am easily distracted, especially with shiny new products like this :).

    I don’t suppose they offer a one-time purchase option instead of a monthly subscription do they?

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Steve, it’s a great tool – but as you’re easily distracted (like me), make sure you are disciplined around the time you spend using it. There is no one time purchase option, but you can do an annual subscription where you can get a reasonable saving on the monthly fees. Cheers, Karen

  3. hong says:

    I had no idea what sniply is before reading your article. You explained it really well. I am so glad I came to your website. I found the information very useful. I learned a lot from you. I will have to check it out and let you know. Thank you for sharing.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Hong, thank you for dropping by, I’m glad you found the article interesting. It’s a great product – but give it a go and see what you think, Cheers, Karen

  4. Coucka says:

    This was a fantastic piece of useful information. I went to your front page and was lured through your website until I came to Sniply and I am sold on the idea.
    You have a beautiful writing style which is so easy to read. I so often get bored after a paragraph and move on but you managed to keep my attention. (That’s not easy)

    Peace and Love Coucka

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Coucka, thank you very much for your lovely feedback. Sniply is a great product and I’m already dreaming up weird and wonderful ways to use it to promote my freelance writing business. I guess at the end of the day, we are only limited by our own imagination! Best wishes, Karen

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