What is the best affiliate marketing software for writers and bloggers

What is the best affiliate marketing software for writers and bloggers

best affiliate marketing software for writers and bloggers

Welcome to your amazing new adventure!

If you are looking for a serious affiliate marketing opportunity, you have come to the right place.

I have been writing and blogging for many years now, and have tried plenty of different software packages and affiliate marketing platforms with varying success.

Understanding exactly what is the best affiliate marketing software for writers and bloggers has been an interesting part of my journey.

I actually first stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate in early 2017, when looking for a free website builder on behalf of a not-for-profit organization I was volunteering for at the time.

The free SiteRubix website builder was perfect, as the organization didn’t have any budget for websites, but still needed an online presence and landing page to start building an email list to grow its membership of donors and supporters.

It was through that project that I realized that the SiteRubix platform was only a small part of a much bigger ‘machine’ at work. You see, SiteRubix is part of the Wealthy Affiliate suite of products, and within the platform at Wealthy Affiliate there were all the tools, training and a step by step framework to build your own successful affiliate marketing business online.


So is Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate business opportunity?

When I signed up for my Free SiteRubix website at Wealthy Affiliate, I did so with a healthy dose of skepticism. To be quite honest I thought the affiliate program side of things was just another over inflated offer, so didn’t spend much time looking at that side of the platform. Under the free membership, I could have two SiteRubix websites and access the first level of their certification training course (among other things), this training is a perfect starting point for any newbies to blogging and websites and gives a good overview of what the platform can offer.

50 Websites Anyone?

However, I quickly saw the benefit of going premium, as the hosting was about to expire on a few of my own websites, and I realized that I could create up to fifty websites under the WA Premium plan. It was an easy decision to upgrade my membership and move all of my existing websites into the SiteRubix hosting platform. Find out more about the features and benefits of hosting at SiteRubix here.


I now have around half a dozen websites hosted with SiteRubix and it’s costing me LESS than half of what my husband and I were paying for the one website we had for our ‘bricks & mortar’ business. This means the cost of my premium membership is paid for by our business, and any additional sites I create for my blogs and writing cost nothing.


Wealthy Affiliate IS the #1 Affiliate Opportunity in 2018

So why is Wealthy Affiliate the preferred platform for serious writers and affiliate marketers?

It’s quite simple really.

After writing a review of Wealthy Affiliate back in July 2017, I realized that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT about making extravagant claims and offering empty promises of instant riches and wealth. Instead, you are given access to a proven road map, the essential training and all the resources you will ever need to build your own successful affiliate marketing business.

There is also an entire community of affiliate marketers, writers and bloggers, all at different stages of their journey and specializing in many niches, that you can turn to for support, advice and to bounce ideas around with.

How long does it take to make money?

It’s true. Affiliate marketing, regardless of your chosen niche, takes time, a lot of perseverance, hard work and a willingness to learn, but then so does any new business that’s worthwhile.

However, Wealthy Affiliate gives you an edge, in that if you are guided by their framework and complete and implement their training – you will be well on your way to building your very own sustainable online business.

You do NOT have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to benefit from all the training they offer. You can use the training to build your own online business in literally ANY niche, whether it be sports, arts & crafts, womens health, IT and computing, pets, bitcoins, weight loss, fitness – you name it, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve been building my own affiliate marketing business since 2017 and can comfortably say that the time frames suggested in my recent post have been true for my experience. Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out the success stories below, these are typical of the Wealthy Affiliate members who are prepared to do the work and stick to the training:

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories:


Are you ready to create your very own online business?

Do you enjoy writing, blogging, or keeping a journal? Turn your passion into a thriving business today.

Create your first website in minutes; then learn from the experts and commit at least 2-3 hours per week to your project, and you will achieve success.

Don’t take my word for it – Join FREE today!

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  1. Blanka says:

    This is a wonderful, well-explained article, and these success stories are amazing. I agree WA is a great place to start an online business in affiliate marketing. In my opinion, the most valuable thing is an excellent training because you can build a website from scratch without any technical experience and the other most valuable thing is a beautiful and helpful community of like-minded people.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Blanka, Thanks so much for dropping by, I’m glad you found this article of interest. Hearing the real results that people are achieving at Wealthy Affiliate is incentive enough, but it’s even better when you start getting the results yourself. I’ve learned so much since joining them last year and my online business has gone from strength to strength. All the best with your online adventures! Cheers, Karen

  2. Nick says:

    I have looked at many ‘make money online’ type memberships and blueprints before. More often than not I get burnt.
    Wealthy Affiliate stands out because it offers a free membership. Try before you buy is really good.

    Thanks for this review, I’ll check it out more.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Nick, Thanks for your feedback and yes, the free trial (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED) makes it a good option to test drive the features for as long as you want. If you want to talk further, please feel free to email me directly. Best wishes, Karen

  3. It’s nice to read the success stories, it gives you hope and motivates you to keep on going. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in November, i took that month to learn, to get to know people on the platform and to ask a lot of questions, i made my first few bucks in January so it’s been great! Thanks so much for this post!

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Ileana, nice to connect with a fellow wealthy affiliate !! Glad to hear you are finding Wealthy Affiliate good for your business; I’m super impressed with everything about them so far. Especially the website and hosting support. It’s amazing. Best wishes, Karen

  4. Jeff says:

    Wow, I had no idea this opportunity existed. Thanks for the great post. This almost seems to good to be true. If it’s free to try, I will. Thanks!

  5. Tom Wilson says:

    What a great website. This is very informative. There are a great many advantages to Wealthy Affiliate as you say. Thanks so much

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Tom, Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I find it hard to list all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate as people join it for different reasons. Some are looking for the training program which is brilliant, and others are looking for secure, robust and cost effective hosting services. Oh, not to mention that through joining you have access to Jaaxy and some of the best tips and techniques for Search Engine Optimization and keyword research. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you check this product out. Cheers, Karen

  6. Steven says:

    Thank you for sharing Karen. I am always trying to find ways to make money online and there are a lot of scams and ponzi schemes out there. Wealthy affiliate is the only legit way to make money online if your are serious about it.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Steven, yes it’s certainly a case of buyer beware – you definitely need to do your homework and not get sucked into unrealistic claims of fast cash. I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate, their website, hosting and training platform is outstanding and they have a very good affiliate program as well. Best wishes, Karen

  7. Tim says:

    This article breaks down the facts and debunks the “get rich fast” empty promise that they do not make like so many other companies online do. However, it truly is possible to earn a good living through the services Wealthy Affiliate offers. The premium membership is well worth your money. It costs less than other website hosting services especially considering all the extras you get from the hosting. I personally feel like I am getting thousands and thousands of dollars of training and courses for free! And the community is like nothing else anywhere. That alone is priceless. Thank you for trying to help people get on their way to a career they will love. I have been a member of WA for two weeks now and in that time I have learned so, so much. I own my own domain and I truly think that one day it will make me money. True it takes a lot of time on your part, but if you are willing to work for it you should get out more than you put in with time. I also look forward to having multiple money generating websites someday.

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Tim, thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing your personal experience at Wealthy Affiliate. I agree, their platform and the training they offer is second to none and huge value for money. It’s early days for you, but if you stick at it, you can and will build a successful online business. Best wishes, Karen

  8. Thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate, How do They compare to other programs of their nature? I mean, long term success?

    • KD Forsman says:

      Hi Derek, In my humble opinion, they stack up really well, particularly for me as I have a couple of clients that I do web hosting for, so using the WA platform for this is a cost effective option for me. However, it really does come down to how much effort you are prepared to put into your online business, which is why so this type of work is not for everyone. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it really is about the long game. If you’d like any further information, please get in touch. Cheers, Karen

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